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Below you will find a series of videos and learning resources about each of our wee ways to change the world . 

These can be used before or after our interactive animal education sessions to enhance your classroom learning about the environment.

Wee Critter's wee ways to change the world

We unfortunately live in a world where many species of both animals and plants are on the brink of extinction.  We believe that they are wee ways that we can all change the world no matter how big or small we are.

An illustration a three-banded armadillo switching off a lightswitch
An illustration of a little explorer, a white-faced owl and a striped skunk recycling items into a recycling bin.

Download our switch off activity booklet.

Download our reduce, reuse, recycle activity booklet.

An illustration of a barn owl and a snake with shopping basket of items.
An illustration of a badger surrounded by harvest mice, bees and plants.
An illustration of two red pandas saving money in a jar.
An illustration of a little explorer with local animals including squirrel, robin, rabbit and hedgehog.
An illustration of a little explorer with cockroaches on the hat with a tortoise, lemur and chameleon protesting.
An illustration of a little explorer hanging from a tree with an orangutan and parrots flying

Download our shop smarter activity booklet.

Download our love your locals activity booklet.

Download our join the refill-ution activity booklet.

Download our wildlife warrior activity booklet.

Download our habitat hero activity booklet.

Download our rewild yourself activity booklet.

Download our let's fundraise for wildlife activity booklet.

An illustration of Allan the explorer, pupils and teacher all being kind to animals

Download our be kind activity booklet.

Wee Critters Interactive Animal Education Logo

Wee ways to change the world!

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