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Frequently Asked Questions

Q . How long is a session?

A . A session lasts for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Q . What animals do you have?

A . Check out 'our animals' section of the website for a full list of our

animal family.

Q . Which animals will come to my booking?

A . Not all of our animals will take part in a session.  We select

appropriate animals based on a number of factors including age of participants, venue, breeding season, shedding / eating patterns, animal health, distance to travel, etc.  We can therefore not guarantee that any specific animal will be available.

Our animals also have the freedom to choose whether to participate or not.  Our animals' welfare and happiness are our top priorities.

Q . What kind of venue do I need?

A . We can work around most venues.  Contact us on 079 1278 5047 or email to discuss your requirements.


Q . Can you accommodate outdoor venues?

A . We will happily discuss your venue with you to try to give you the

best experience possible.  The animals taking part will be carefully

selected with your venue in mind.


Q . What space do I need?

A . Our full set up with backdrop, props, travel boxes and experience area requires a space of approximately 8 foot by 6 foot.  We can tailor this to your space.

Q . What is the maximum capacity?

A . We recommend no more than 35 people per session.  However, we

can accommodate higher numbers with multiple shorter sessions

rotating your guests or can do more than one session per visit.


Q . Will the animals go to the toilet during the session?

A . This is more than likely!  At Wee Critters our experience area

includes flooring to catch any unwanted accidents.  We also carry

relevant cleaning materials with us, to deal with any little accidents.

Q . Don't the skunks smell?

A . They have a faint aroma, as with any animal.  Skunks only spray when extremely stressed or threatened.  Our skunks have lived with us since they were infants and are comfortable around people.  We have strict ‘ranger rules’ to ensure everyone (including our animals) are happy and enjoy the experience in a calm environment.

Q . Do I get to hold or stroke the animals?

A . We have strict health and safety procedures to ensure the safety of participants and the animals.  Our explorer will interact with the animals and your guests to ensure that everyone has a ‘wild time’ in a safe environment.

Q . Are the animals happy?

A . Animal care and welfare are our top priority.  Our ‘Wee Critters’

are not only our workmates but are also much-loved members of our family.  Many of them have been reared by us, rescued by us and all of them live with us in our home.  We provide the best care, nutrition and enrichment for all of the animals.


The animals are transported in a comfortable and temperature

controlled environment to ensure that journeys are stress-free.  We also limit bookings and travel time and rotate animals to ensure that they get plenty of rest time and free time.


Our animals also have the freedom to decide whether to participate or not and we do not believe in forcing them to.  Our experiences are therefore flexible and vary depending on the animals.

We are fully licensed by DAERA who carry out regular inspections to ensure animal facilities and care are of a top standard.  You should never book any provider without this certification as it is a legal requirement.

Q . A member of our group has allergies!

A . We ask all booking agents to declare any medical conditions or

allergies that we should be aware of.   For any relevant allergies, every effort will be made to ensure that the experience is as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved.  The experience may be altered, animal selection may be amended or elements may not be possible for those who are affected.  We will work closely with you to find a solution to suit everyone.


Q . What topics do you offer to schools?

A . Check out the ‘our services’ section of the website for an overview of the topics provided, in line with the curriculum.  For more information call us on 079 1278 5047 or email


Q . Can I book online?

A . Unfortunately not!  Just give us a call, email or complete the contact form on our website.


Q . Are you insured?

A . I have 18 years of animal management and zoology experience.  Our outreach service is thoroughly risk assessed and we have comprehensive public liability insurance.  I am also Access NI checked.  If you would like copies of our risk assessments, public liability or security checks, just get in touch and we will be happy to share this documentation!


Q . Can we take photographs?

A . Of course you can!  We want you to remember your Wee Critters experience for years to come so snap away!

Q . What are your terms and conditions?

A . Download a copy of our terms and conditions here:

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