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Charities We Support

When I developed Wee Critters, I was dedicated to driving a passion for wildlife conservation within Northern Ireland.  However, I also believe that there are ‘wee ways’ that we can all change the world (no matter how big or small we are).  I therefore selected four charities to support through my small business!

The World Land Trust 

Being a mobile interactive animal education service means that I travel throughout Northern Ireland and I am always aware of the impact that this is having on my carbon footprint.  I therefore decided to offset my impact by supporting the World Land Trust, an international conservation charity that protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats acre by acre.

The Red Panda Network 

We are officially ‘red panda guardians’ through the Red Panda Network, donating monthly to help secure a sustainable future for red pandas.  My professional career over the last 15 years has focused on small carnivore conservation and the red panda is a species close to my heart.  Unfortunately, the global population has declined by 50% over the last 20 years and there may be as few as 2,500 left in the wild. 

Orangutan Foundation   

In 2021 we supported the ‘sponsor an acre’ campaign to help protect 50 acres of orangutan habitat in the wild.  The Orangutan Foundation protects the forest habitat of this incredible (and critically endangered) ape while also working with local communities and promoting research and education.

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