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Wee Critters celebrates Autism Impact Award

We are celebrating becoming an Autism Impact Award Champion!
This award programme, delivered by Autism NI, recognises organisations that are committed to a best practice approach to inclusion and accessibility.  As part of the award, Autism NI delivered bespoke training to Wee Critters staff to ensure a greater understanding and to identify practical adaptations for a better and more inclusive experience.


Autism NI Impact Award logo
Autism NI Impact Award logo

Director of Wee Critters, Allan Galway, is delighted to have become an Autism Impact Award champion:


“I founded Wee Critters in 2018 following a lifetime passion for wildlife and a 15 year career in the zoology and conservation field but I always want to achieve more in our own communities here in Northern Ireland.  Through Wee Critters I aim to provide a unique, fun, memorable and educational experience which will hopefully inspire a lifelong appreciation for wildlife and commitment to the protection of animals and the natural environment.”


“In addition to the educational impact of our work I also firmly believe that animals and nature can have a positive impact on all of our lives. Our interactive animal education sessions provide a sensory experience which encourages learning, expression of emotions and this interaction can also promote relaxation.  Through this work I visit schools, groups and events throughout the country.  1 in 20 children in Northern Ireland have a diagnosis of autism and by becoming an Autism Impact Award Champion we hope to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone!


As part of the award process Wee Critters has made a number of adjustments and additions to the service including:


·         Comprehensive staff training

·         A downloadable pre-visit visual guide for the experience

·         Visual aids

·         Integration of props and sensory items (including scent boxes, sounds, etc)

·         Armadillo sensory backpacks


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