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Introducing Pepper - she's a real 'hoot'!

I’m delighted to introduce Pepper the white-breasted barn owl to our Wee Critters family.

Pepper previously lived with a friend of mine and took part in educational visits so many of you may actually recognise her! She has been settling in well since she arrived and has started to take part in some of our interactive animal education sessions over the last few weeks.

Sometimes when we think about animals at risk or in danger it’s easy to think about large animals from far off countries but the truth of the matter is that it’s happening on our own doorstep. Hedgehog populations are drastically declining, red squirrels are in trouble and the future for barn owls is uncertain with fewer than 30 breeding pairs left in our wee country (and this is just to name a few of our species that are at risk)!

I truly believe that developing an appreciation of wildlife in our communities is vital and key to this is teaching the value of conservation and the ‘wee ways’ that we can all help to change the word.

My mission, with Wee Critters, is to bring the wonder of wildlife straight to your classroom, group or event with the aim of providing a unique, fun, memorable and educational experience which will inspire a lifelong appreciation for wildlife and help to develop a commitment to the protection of our natural environment and the animals that share our world.

Pepper will join us to deliver a range of curriculum-based topics including the world around us, classification, midnight mayhem, edge of extinction and many more.

Time will ‘fly by’ with a visit from Pepper and our other wee critters!

Book your school, group, animal-assisted therapy or party visit today...a wild time awaits!

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