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Endangered Animals Competition

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Wee Critters and the C2K Newsdesk recently teamed up to introduce classes across Northern Ireland to the topic of ‘endangered animals’ and to run a competition for the chance to win an interactive animal education session!

We produced an educational video for classes to watch (on the C2K Newdesk) about endangered animals and to introduce themes including:

· What does endangered mean?

· Which animals are endangered?

· How do animals become endangered?

· What are the ‘wee ways’ that we can all help?

Key Stage 1 pupils were then asked to select, draw and write a few sentences about an endangered animal of their choice, while Key Stage 2 pupils had to create a fact file about their selected animal.

The competition received more than 1400 entries from ‘little explorers’ in schools across Northern Ireland.

Allan the Explorer said “We were delighted by the response to the competition. We had originally intended to select one winner from each category but when we started to judge the entries it soon became clear that the quantity and quality of the submissions was overwhelmingly high. We therefore extended the competition to award a first, second, third and two highly commended prizes for each Key Stage.”

Allan continues, “It is fantastic that 1400 children in classrooms across our country have been actively learning about endangered species, the problems they are facing and the conservation efforts that we can all be involved in to ensure the future of species facing the very real threat of extinction. Little explorers chose to highlight a range of endangered species from native animals, right here on our own doorstep, to species living in a range of endangered habitats in countries around the world! Thank you to everyone who entered and supported the competition and I look forward to visiting the winners’ classes to deliver curriculum-based interactive animal education sessions.”

And the winners are…

Key stage 1

1st prize Humphead wrasse by Annie from St Colman's Primary School (Newry)

2nd prize Snow leopard by Freya from St Comgall's Primary School (Bangor)

3rd price Giant panda by Harry fromBallydown Primary School

Highly commended Black rhino by Max Hardy from Memorial Primary School

Highly commended Golden frog by William from Hezlett Primary School

Key stage 2

1st prize Orangutan by Raphael from Ballydown Primary School

2nd prize Ghost frog by Rebekah from Aughnacloy Primary School

3rd prize Snow leopard by Amelia from Ballymoney Model Primary School

Highly commended Rhino by Benjamin from Knockahollet Primary School

Highly commended Red panda by Arc hie from Ballydown Primary School

Allan recently visited winner, Annie and her class at St Colman's Primary School to deliver their interactive animal education prize session.

If you would like to book a visit from Wee Critters for your class in 2022, get in touch today. We offer a range of curriculum-based topics...a wild time awaits! 079 1278 5047

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