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happy birthday willow the armadillo!

Updated: May 23, 2023

Today we are delighted to celebrate Willow the three-banded armadillo's 2nd birthday! Willow was born on 15 April 2021 to mother, Bella and father, Arthur and is such an arm-adorable member of the wee critters family.
Willow the armadillo with a pretend birthday cake and number 2 candle
Willow the armadillo celebrated her birthday with a special treat!

Today we celebrated the birthday girl and treated her to a special pretend 'cake' with 'sprinkles' of her favourite snack and a 'candle' that she had to use her long tongue to get stuck into. The cake was also fantastic enrichment (and Arthur and Bella got a wee turn too).

The name 'armadillo' comes from the Spanish word 'armado' which means 'armoured'. The plated armour isn't this species only protection against predators as three-banded armadillos are the only armadillo species that can roll up completely into a ball.

When Willow was little we asked for everyone's help to name her and a little girl named, Tilly, came up with the name Willow as it is a lovely nature-themed name and also rhymes with armadillo.

Our armadillos may have a hard exterior but they melt all hearts with their amazing personalities.

Happy birthday to our wonderful Willow!

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