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Wee Critters is a fully mobile and professional interactive animal education service which operates throughout Northern Ireland.  Our experienced ‘explorer’, Allan, will introduce you to some amazing animals through interactive animal experiences and we can cater for most events including schools, birthday parties, youth groups, photoshoots, exhibitions, events and much more!

About Us


We unfortunately live in a world where many species of both animals and plants are on the brink of extinction.  Developing an appreciation of wildlife in our children is a fundamental element in safeguarding the safety and future of our wildlife and environment.  Key to this is teaching them the value of wildlife conservation.  Our mission is to bring the wonder of wildlife straight to your classroom, living room or event with the aim of providing a unique, fun, memorable and educational experience which will inspire a lifelong appreciation for wildlife and a commitment to playing an active role in the protection and conservation of animals and the natural environment.


Hi, I'm Allan

explorer Allan and a fennec fox

My name is Allan and I founded Wee Critters in 2018 following a lifetime passion for wildlife and a 15 year career in the zoology field, working with a range of animals including penguins, sea lions, big cats, bears and many more!


While I was involved in caring for some of the world’s most endangered wildlife, I wanted to play a bigger role in conservation and the ongoing efforts to combat the ever-increasing threats driving species to the brink of extinction. 


I therefore took on a number of voluntary roles including:

  • Studbook keeper for the European breeding programme for the marbled polecat

  • Vice-chair of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria Small Carnivore Taxon Advisory Group

  • Lead co-chair of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquaria Small mammal Working Group

  • Vice chair of native species working group (playing a pivotal role in developing Northern Ireland’s first captive breeding and release programme for the red squirrel)


My work has led me to speak at global conservation conferences including venues throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe, America, Taiwan and Singapore.  This required me to deliver presentations to leading delegates from zoos, conservation agencies and government agents from around the world.  Doing so ignited an excitement for sharing my love of wildlife through public speaking and education and following my already successful career, I felt ready for a new challenge. 

Recognising the power that wildlife has in the imagination of children, I am committed to driving a local passion for wildlife within the community.  This has been the inspiration behind the formation of ‘Wee Critters’. 


I look forward to working with you!


  • 15 year career in zoology and conservation

  • Diploma in Zoo Animal Management (Sparsholt College)

  • Disability Awareness Training

  • Child Protection Training (level 2)

  • Autism Awareness Training (provided by Autism NI)

  • Understanding the Autism Spectrum (Queens University)

  • Sensory Steps Training ASD Processing and Sensory Equipment Training (Learning Space, Belfast)

  • Sensory Loss Awareness Training (Sense Northern Ireland)

  • Animal first aid (CPD course)

  • Fully Access NI checked

Sulcata tortoise